Welcome to Daiki! It will be a wonderful journey. Before your visit, you may have some questions. If you don't find the answer here, please contact us, we will update it as soon as possible to help more customers!

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New to Daiki

What kind of restaurant is Daiki?

We are a Chinese restaurant specializing in spicy Asian cuisine. But we don't have sushi, dumplings, and beef noodles.

Does Daiki welcome children? What about people who can't eat spicy food?

We are a family restaurant. We have many non-spicy dishes, which are marked with special symbols on the menu.

Is there any promotion?

You are welcome to register as a new member of Daiki now, then you will get the welcome gift pack & vouchers after 24 hours. Also remeber to follow us on social media for more future promotion information.

Why are there good and bad reviews online?

We welcome different opinions. If you find something bright and want to share it with us, please send us an email and someone will contact you.


Is it possible to make a reservation over the phone?

Not recommended. To avoid miscommunication, it is recommended to use the reservation function on our website.

Can I specify a table when booking?

No. This will depend on the store conditions that day.

What happens if we are running late?

Be sure to arrive on time, the spot is reserved for 15 minutes only.

If we sit outdoor, won't we be cold or hot?

No. Outdoor area is covered and has a heater and fans.

Before visit

Can I go directly to the store without reservation?

Yes. However, it is highly recommended that you make a reservation in advance to avoid waiting. It is best to book your table about 2 day in advance on weekdays, and 3 days in advance on weekends and public holidays.

Are business hours on Google Maps accurate?

Yes. We recommend that you refer to Google Maps to find out our business hours.

Can I bring my own ingredients for processing?

Yes. We will charge a processing fee, please contact us in advance and bring the ingredients to the store for preparation in advance.

Can I bring outside food and drinks?

No. This is for food safety considerations.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes. But there is a corkage fee, please refer to the menu for details.

Can I bring cake?

Yes. This is limited to cakes for celebration, we can provide refrigerators to keep them fresh, please contact our friendly store staff.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes. But for the dining experience of other customers, you will be seated outdoor.

Is there a surcharge for public holidays?

Yes. Please refer to the menu for details.

Can I order food over the phone and pick it up later in the store?

No. To avoid miscommunication, it is recommended to use the self-pickup function on our website.

When dining

Will the environment of the LEDs in Daiki cause discomfort?

Possiblely. If you feel unwell, please inform our friendly store staff in time.

Is it possible to create an atmosphere? Such as background music, birthday props, etc.

Yes. Please contact our friendly store staff.

Are there baby cutlery and chairs?

Yes. Please contact our friendly store staff.

Is smoking allowed?

No. We are committed to having a smoke-free restaurant and it is against the law to smoke inside or outside of our restaurant.


Are Daiki's venues available for events?

Yes. Daiki supports various group building, annual meeting, customer appreciation meeting, party, proposal, wedding banquet, hundred days, birthday, birthday banquet and other customized events. Please send us an email and someone will contact you.

Is Daiki recruiting?

Yes. Welcome to join us! Please send us an email and someone will contact you.

Encountered unfairness in store, or dissatisfied with our service?

We love everyone in our community. As a member of Daiki, I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience in the store. Please send us an email and someone will contact you.

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