Pick up

Sunnybank Hills Store

Before you start

  • It is recommended to bookmark our website Daiki.com.au , so you can easily click "Order" on the menu and then select "Pick up" to place an order.
  • It is recommended to register as a member with a mobile phone number starting with 04.
  • The price of the dishes is the same as the price in store, there is no price difference from third-party service provider, and you can earn membership points as well.
  • When placing an order, please select the correct pickup time.
  • You can pay in the store (Card, Cash, WeChat Pay, Alipay, etc.), or using member balance to pay. Online payment is not supported currently.
  • After the order is placed, it will prompt up "Successful order", and the order status will be "Pending Collection".
  • You can pick up your meal in about 30 minutes (Please allow more time during our busy hours) and please pay at the counter.
  • If you have other questions, you can contact us at any time, thank you.